Continuing Education Institute (CEI)

Adama Science and Technology University has been diversifying different training programs, and modes of delivery such as regular and extension programs.
Extension Programs are intended to give opportunity to working groups who have little or no access to regular programs. Such works are to be managed by the Institute of continuing education by serving as:

  • A bridge between the university and community;
  • Useful intervention to motivate and maintain academic and administrative staffs of the university by generating revenue and providing scholarship for both staff and non-staff.

Mandate of CEI

  • Monitor the appropriate implementation of the rules and regulations of CEI as per the mandate given by the senate of ASTU.
  • Standardize the preparation of the teaching materials by following the necessary steps.
  • Monitor the mode of delivery and quality of courses given in extension modality.
  • Determine the market demand survey and coordinate with Schools to design appropriate curricula to meet these demand, and
  • Determine the rate of payment for various activities in CEI programs.


  • Nurturing diversity: A culture of equity and fairness in all forms of practices, a conviction for the respect of the people without gender, class, racial, ethnic, religious and regional discriminations.
  • Academic freedom and integrity: A strong commitment to a free and democratic academic environment where individuals inquire, investigate and engage in relevant academic practices and development. An academic institution where system integrity is maintained at all levels of the decision making process.
  • Sense of belongingness and ownership: A commitment and dedication to perform assigned duties to the best of one’s knowledge and abilities.
  • A feeling of connection, friendship, and relatedness between people. Task accomplishment level beyond the normal call of duty.
  • Originality and innovativeness: Develop a culture of generating new ideas, processes, services, and entrepreneurial skill that may help the Institute to be the strong commercial arm of the University.
  • Professional ethics: A commitment to a high standard of professional integrity and ethics. Commitment to the profession will be practiced and maintained at all levels of service rendering.
  • Responsiveness: service delivery at all levels based on the principles of responsiveness. High standard of service delivery through one stop shopping. Empowered and knowledgeable frontline employees will enable internalization of this core value.
  • Transparency and accountability: the practice of democratic, transparent, participative, responsible leadership and management will guide decision – making process of the CEI.

                                   Motto “We are dedicated to Innovative Knowledge”


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