Legal Matters Directorate is one of the Offices organized at a directorate level and is directly accountable to the University’s President. The major tasks of the directorate are providing consultancy services to ASTU’s Officials and Offices and defending the University’s interests at the court. Legal Matters Directorate is led by a director and has one coordinator, two legal officers, one secretary and one office assistant.


Legal Matters Directorate aspires to become the prominent part of the new ASTU and an office on which the University relies on for its reliable legal service.

Legal Matters Directorate is committed to provide quality legal consultancy service to ASTU’s Officials and Offices and defending University’s interests at courts. In the meantime, it tries to ensure the prevalence of rule of law in the University and endeavors to raise legal awareness of the University’s Community.

Main Services Offered by Legal Matters Directorate

  • Providing legal consultancy services;
  • Representing the University at courts of law;
  • Drafting internal rules and regulations of the University
  • Drafting contracts;
  • Witnessing singing of contracts;
  • Following up the performance of contracts; and
  • Creating legal awareness on new legislations and other pertinent laws.

Procedures for getting service

Legal Matters Directorate does not require users to follow up any special procedure in order get service. Any Office, Officer or employee of the University may get services concerning University’s business from Legal Matters Directorate by using the following means of communications:

  • Letters;
  • E-mails;
  • Telephone conversation; and
  • By appearing in person during office hours.



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