Adama Science and Technology University signs MoU with Oromia Bank and Awash bank
Adama Science and Technology University signs MoU with Oromia Bank and Awash bank
Adama Science and Technology University signs MoU with Oromia Bank and Awash bank
Adama Science and Technology University signs MoU with Oromia Bank and Awash bank


The Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs has organized the 3rd Job expo. The expo is a platform for prospective graduates to showcase their marketable models and designs. More than 50 companies and industries are taking part in the event.
Dr. Samuel Kifle, state Minister of Education, along with high ranking federal and regional officials opened the expo. Dr. Samuel appreciated the efforts of ASTU for persistently holding expos whereby prospective graduates and potential employers meet.
Dr. Lemi Guta, President of ASTU, underscore that the expo creates a good opportunity for students to showcase the skills and knowledge they gained during their stay in the university. Dr. Lemi further noted that the expo will help students to figure out the types of endeavors they need to focus upon by realizing the interests of the industries.
The EDC of ASTU has helped in shaping the attitude of students from job-seeking mindset to job creating mindset. As such, some students have managed to take part at national level competitions.
The EDC of ASTU has helped in shaping the attitude of students from job-seeking mindset to job creating mindset. As such, some students have managed to take part at national level competitions. Three groups that presented their products at the national level competition ranked in the top five and won special prizes.

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Adama Science and Technology University signed MoU with AdamaFM. The agreement is meant to help the university publicize its endeavors. AdamaFM will thus air programs involving the activities of the university.

The School of Electrical Engineering & Computing will host an international research conference titled, "Strengthening Awareness and Application of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence in Ethiopia". The conference will be held at ASTU from January 27-29, 2022.

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ASTU hosts ITEC Day and the launching ceremony of Alumni of Ethiopian Graduates from Indian Universities
The Alumni Association of Ethiopian Graduates from Indian Universities was launched at ASTU during the celebration of ITEC Day at ASTU. ITEC (Indian Economic and technical Cooperation) day was marked in a ceremony attended by H.E. Ambassador Robert Shetkintong, Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia, top officials from Indian Embassy and management of ASTU. In his welcoming speech, Dr. Lemi Guta, President of ASTU, expressed his appreciation for the ambassador for choosing ASTU to host ITEC Day. He underscored that ITEC provides good opportunities for capacity building for ASTU staff members.
Ambassador Robert Shetkintong on his part noted that the ITEC initiative is designed in line with the principles of South-South cooperation. The ambassador opined that some 650 Indian companies have been registered in Ethiopia and underscored that there is to strengthen the multilateral relationship between the two sisterly nations. On the occasion a number of scholars shared their experiences on their study in India. Dr. Teshome, VPA, identified four objectives that ASTU can benefit from the study in India initiative. These are: attending trainings, delving into projects, study tour and equipment donation.
On the occasion, H.E. Ambassador Robert Shetkintong and Dr. Lemi Guta, launched the establishment the Alumni Association of Ethiopian Graduates from Indian Universities.
The objectives of the Alumni are as follows:
(1) To maintain a spirit of cooperation and unity among members;
(2) To build up a strong relationship between Indian University graduates and Indian Universities (hereinafter called “the universities”) and its past students;
(3) To participate on various development projects;
(4) To participate on the delivery of academic assistance to various institutions;
(5) To host international research conferences, seminars, trainings, conducting joint researches.


The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has been handed over a web portal that was developed by Adama Science and Technology University.
The web portal has a different system and can provide different functions, convenient and safe to use.
Commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Dr. Samuel Urkato, who was present at the ceremony, said that the commission will provide great support for the prevention of corruption in the future, said that it is important to use the portal wisely and appropriately. The commission will soon prevent corruption and corruption in the business sector. The Digital Survey in collaboration with the University they pointed out that it works too.
Adama Science and Technology University vice president Dr. Habtamu Beri has said that in his part, the commission's web portal which is very useful, has created an additional capacity to implement the commission's needs.
The University's Information and Communication Director Dr. Worku Jafar has announced that the university will provide technical support, training and counselling services to the commission professionals.

It is remembered that the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has signed a communication document to work together with Adama Science and Technology University at the beginning of this year.


ASTU signs MoU with Inha University

As part of its longstanding partnerships with Korean Science and Technology universities and institutions, ASTU has signed MoU with Inha Univesity. Inha Univesity of South Korea is a university committed to realizing its founding principles of creativity, diligence, and service. Dr. Shumet Gizaw, General Director of INSA and board chairperson of ASTU, reiterated that ASTU is in a better position and status to exploit the actual and potential opportunities at Inha University.

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Adama Science and Technology University has signed a consultant contract agreement with Seoul National University. Accordingly, the consultant, Seoul National University, is expected to facilitate the design, supervision, and bid document preparation of the ASTU-EDCF project.
It is recalled that the government of South Korea has agreed to finance the establishment of five Centers of Excellence in ASTU with an outlay of one hundred million US Dollars. The agreement was signed between the governments of FDRE the Republic of Korea. T
June 24, 2021
greeen legacy
ASTU community colorfully launched the third round green legacy campaign. ASTU Peace Forum in collaboration with the Good Governance Directorate organized the event.
On the occasion, Dr. Lemi Guta noted that this year’s third-round green legacy is being launched on the same date the UN Security Council has unanimously voted in favor of Ethiopia to allow the African Union to arbitrate the issues of GERD. Dr. Lemi encouraged the participants to do their level best in maintaining the beauty of the university. Graduating class students also participated in the event by cleaning different areas in the university.


The Department of Applied Physics organized a curriculum review workshop for MSc in Statistical Physics
The department of Applied Physics held an external curriculum review workshop for MSc in Statistical Physics.
During the workshop, Dr. Solomon Tiruneh, the dean of SoANS, made a welcoming remark and appreciated the commitment of the department and the concerned bodies to launch this new program. In addition, Dr. Yadesa Melaku, Director for Academic Affairs, opened the program and briefly explained about the school and the current status of the university.
The current curriculum increases the department’s MSc program to seven specialization areas.
The curriculum is presented in detail to the evaluators and the participants. The external reviewers
 Dr. Solomon Negash (Ph.D. in statistical Physics)- from Jimma University
 Dr. Biniyam Nigussie (Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics), from the Ministry of Science and Technology,

gave detailed comments, suggestions, and recommendations about the curriculum. Finally, Dr. Legesse Lemecha, the dean of the PG program, gave remarks, appreciated the reviewers, and made the closing remarks.

Gender Directorate organizes training for female staff members
Awareness creation training has been given to ASTU female academic and admin staff members on breast and cervical cancer from February 7-8, 2022. The training was organized by ASTU gender affairs directorate in collaboration with HABCO and Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia so as to motivate women to take up screening and initiate prevention. The training was meant to raise awareness of women regaridng breast and cervical cancers. According to the information of from the ministry of Helath, these to rank as the first and second most common cancers among women in Ethiopia.


EDCF consulting consortium has been inaugurated!

The team of ASTU’s management led by the board chairperson of the university took part in the official inauguration of the EDCF consulting consortium for the establishment of 5 Centers of Excellence (CoEs) for Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) in Seoul, Korea. It is to be recalled that this Korean EDCF project is overdue due to COVID-19 and other technical issues; however, both parties have agreed to stick to the current plan. The management of ASTU has exerted unreserved efforts to get the project implemented and Seoul National University has facilitated the commencement of the project. It is believed that once the project becomes operational according to the agreed schedule, world-class, high-tech research & innovation centers will be established at ASTU,ETHIOPIA.The board chairperson, Dr. Shumet Gizaw, has expressed his appreciation for ASTU management and Seoul National University (SNU) to realize this project.

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Ambassador of Indonesia to Ethiopia, Djibouti and African Union visited ASTU
H.E. Ambassador Al Busyra Basnur, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Ethiopia, Djibouti and African Union visited Adama Science and Technology University, (ASTU) on January 21, 2021. The main objective of the work visit is to create a linkage between ASTU and potential Indonesian Universities which contribute for the improvement of quality of education. During the event, the president of ASTU, Dr. Lemi Guta along with all vice presidents, deans and directors warmly welcomed the Ambassador and briefly introduced Adama Science and Technology University. Similarly, Ambassador Al Busyra Basnur also introduced his country Indonesia very nicely to the participants of the ceremony. Finally, the Ambassador visited the Space Science Institute and the ICT Studio of Adama Science and Technology University.



Adama Science and Technology University signs MoU with Oromia Bank and Awash bank
Adama Science & Technology University has signed MoU with Oromia Bank and Awash Bank to facilitate loan services for staff members. The university management sought to find out the packages on offer from banks. The banks were requested to present their offers. The banks presented their proposals/packages to the members of managing council of the university. Accordingly, the banks offered proposal for houses, cars and furniture in details.

The management of the university welcomed these offers citing that facilitating the loans for staff members will boost staff motivation thereby creating conducive university working environment. It is hoped that the packages will help ASTU community alleviate some of the economic hurdles.

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Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW) successfully held at ASTU,
In Partnership with EDC-Ethiopia, an Entrepreneurship training workshop (ETW) was successfully held at ASTU from December 20 to 25, 2021. The ETW is an intensive training workshop aimed at helping student entrepreneurs to put their idea into action, bring attitudinal Change, and build their personal entrepreneurial skills. It gives the participants the possibility to lab test their personal entrepreneurial competencies (PECs) and improve on them later. The ETW also aims to equip the participants with the necessary knowledge to implement green practices in their businesses.
Associate Dean for ASTU-EDC Solomon said ASTU-EDC is striving to unlock your inner entrepreneurial journey. Unlocking your inner entrepreneurial is about changing your state of mind, a shift in thinking, being curious, embracing complexity, dealing with ambiguity, facing the unknown, seeing patterns, synthesizing data, experimenting, testing your ideas, prototyping, taking risks, being willing to accept responsibility for your decisions, involving customers in the experience and accepting failure and learn from it. These are all entrepreneurial attributes you will need to be successful in the role of an entrepreneurial venture. It’s not enough to think like an entrepreneur, you must act like one.
Mr. Chemeda a lead trainer of the session stipulated that “change is a door that is opened from the inside” and “success in business ultimately calls for developing entrepreneurial attributes and putting them into action”. The participant students said the training is very helpful for us at this time when we are going to graduate. They added that the training shown as the future direction in our life.
On closure, the good performers/ winners in different categories received awards and all participants who successfully completed the workshop received the certificate of participation
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The minister of Ministry of Education, Prof Berhanu Nega and his team visited Adama Science and Technology University on December 02, 2021. The main objective of the work visit was to create awareness about the quality of Ethiopian education system in general and specially in public universities of Ethiopia. The officials were cordially welcomed by higher officials of ASTU and members of Academic council .
In his welcoming speech, the president of ASTU, Dr. Lemi Guta, expressed his heart felt gratitude to the honorable guests for their timely visit to ASTU.
The minister, Prof. Berhanu Nega pointed out that improving the quality of education and the quality leaders in educational institutions, mitigating corruption from education sector and avoiding politics from educational institutions (merit based assignment), are the priorities of the Ministry of Education . He also underscored that public Universities must be autonomous to lead themselves so that they can solve problems by their own mechanisms.
Dr. Samuel Kifle, the state minister of Ministry of Education reiterated that every individual in public universities must work harder than before to assure the quality of education in Ethiopia. Finally,the guests visited the different facilities of the university.
Call for application to Egypt-Japan University of Science & Technology (ASTU academic staff members)
Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) is a
research university with an ambition to cultivate an academic
environment and become a benchmark for the Egyptian and African countries in education. It was first established as a bilateral
agreement project between the Egyptian and Japanese governments.
E-JUST TICAD7 African Scholarship for STI is stipulated in the
“Yokohama Plan of Actions 2019” for the implementation of “Yokohama Declaration 2019” which was agreed in TICAD7 in August 2019. The objective of this program is to foster researchers and engineers who will advance STI into the future in Africa. The program is implemented by Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s technical cooperation project. E-JUST started to accept students in the fall semester 2020, and the application for a new batch, fall 2022, is opened starting from December 2021.
for further information use the following link:

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